Process Steps

Been there, done that. Learn from real Startups how to do it
We give you access to famous Startupers, Product Developers and Executives from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! etc and we give you resources to build your product. Oh and after that, we'll send you to San Francisco for a three months acceleration and up to $65k - Thanks MindTheBridge!

Step one [until 28th February]

Build a KickStarter-like page (based on our platform) in order to promote your idea

Step two [Two weeks]

Raise a minimum amount of money you need in order to create your minimum viable product

Stage three [One month]

Build your minimum viable product and get as many users as you can

Stage four [Three days]

One Startup enters MindTheBridge on-the-spot, other Startups get short-listed and the rest keep on developing (hey, you have resources and traction now! Awesome!)